Abbreviations: Acc: Accumbens, Amy: Amygdala, BA: Basolateral Amygdala, CA: Central Amygdala, Cer: Cerebellum, FC: Frontal Cortex, Hip: Hippocampus, OB: Olfactory Bulb, S/A: Striatum/Accumbens, Str: Striatum, VM: Ventral Midbrain, WB: Whole Brain

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Comparison of alcohol-related gene networks in mice and humans points to neuronal plasticity in extended amygdala [submitted]

Laura B. Ferguson, Lingling Zhang, Daniel Kircher, Shi Wang, R. Dayne Mayfield, John C. Crabbe, Richard A. Morrisett, R. Adron Harris, Igor Ponomarev
2017-00-00, submitted
ID: fer2017 (8684)
Alcohol on board: NO
INIA Model: Genetic Predisposition
Phenotype: 1-bottle DID
Paradigm: NONE
Datasets from this publication: fer2017none_AccC (1350), fer2017none_AccSh (1219), fer2017none_BA (1275), fer2017none_BNST (1666), fer2017none_CA (1238), fer2017none_FC (624), fer2017none_VTA (1312)

Gene expression in brain and liver produced by three different regimens of alcohol consumption in mice: comparison with immune activation.

Osterndorff-Kahanek E, Ponomarev I, Blednov YA, Harris RA
2013-03-29, PloS One
ID: ost2013 (2666)
Alcohol on board: NO
INIA Model: Chronic Ethanol
Phenotype: 2-Bottle
Paradigm: Chronic Drinking
Datasets from this publication: ost2013chronic_FC (531), ost2013DID_FC (445), ost2013EOD_FC (587), ost2013LPS_FC (1103)

Gene coexpression networks in human brain identify epigenetic modifications in alcohol dependence

Ponomarev I, Wang S, Zhang L, Harris RA, Mayfield RD
2012-02-01, The Journal of Neuroscience
ID: pon2012 (9021)
Alcohol on board: YES
INIA Model: Chronic Drinking
Phenotype: Alcoholism
Paradigm: CIA
Datasets from this publication: pon2012CIA_BA (3603), pon2012CIA_CA (2681), pon2012CIA_FC (2737)

Molecular profiles of drinking alcohol to intoxication in C57BL/6J mice

Mulligan MK, Rhodes JS, Crabbe JC, Mayfield RD, Harris RA, Ponomarev I
2011-01-11, Alcohol Clin Exp Res
ID: mul2011 (3459)
Alcohol on board: YES
INIA Model: Binge Drinking
Phenotype: 1-Bottle
Paradigm: DID
Datasets from this publication: mul2011DID_Cer (528), mul2011DID_FC (483), mul2011DID_Hip (541), mul2011DID_OB (657), mul2011DID_Str (763), mul2011DID_VM (487)

Functional gene expression differences between inbred alcohol-preferring and -non-preferring rats in five brain regions

Kimpel MW, Strother WN, McClintick JN, Carr LG, Liang T, Edenberg HJ, McBride WJ
2007-03-08, Alcohol
ID: kim2007 (490)
Alcohol on board: NO
INIA Model: Genetic Predisposition
Phenotype: 2-Bottle Choice
Paradigm: NONE
Datasets from this publication: kim2007none_Acc (45), kim2007none_Amy (63), kim2007none_FC (8), kim2007none_Hip (23), kim2007none_WB (351)

Toward understanding the genetics of alcohol drinking through transcriptome meta-analysis

Mulligan MK, Ponomarev I, Hitzemann RJ, Belknap JK, Tabakoff B, Harris RA, Crabbe JC, Blednov YA, Grahame NJ, Phillips TJ, Finn DA, Hoffman PL, Iyer VR, Koob GF, Bergeson SE
2006-04-17, PNAS
ID: mul2006 (5518)
Alcohol on board: NO
INIA Model: Genetic Predisposition
Phenotype: 2-Bottle Choice
Paradigm: NONE
Datasets from this publication: mul2006none_WB (5518)

Datasets by Brain Region

Accumbens (3377)

fer2017none_AccC (1350), fer2017none_AccSh (1219), kim2007none_Acc (45), mul2011DID_Str (763)

Accumbens Core (1350)

fer2017none_AccC (1350)

Accumbens Shell (1219)

fer2017none_AccSh (1219)

Amygdala (8860)

fer2017none_BA (1275), fer2017none_CA (1238), kim2007none_Amy (63), pon2012CIA_BA (3603), pon2012CIA_CA (2681)

Basolateral Amygdala (4878)

fer2017none_BA (1275), pon2012CIA_BA (3603)

Central Amygdala (3919)

fer2017none_CA (1238), pon2012CIA_CA (2681)

Cerebellum (528)

mul2011DID_Cer (528)

Frontal Cortex (6518)

fer2017none_FC (624), kim2007none_FC (8), mul2011DID_FC (483), ost2013chronic_FC (531), ost2013DID_FC (445), ost2013EOD_FC (587), ost2013LPS_FC (1103), pon2012CIA_FC (2737)

Hippocampus (564)

kim2007none_Hip (23), mul2011DID_Hip (541)

Olfactory Bulb (657)

mul2011DID_OB (657)

Stria Terminalis (1666)

fer2017none_BNST (1666)

Striatum (763)

mul2011DID_Str (763)

Ventral Midbrain (487)

mul2011DID_VM (487)

Ventral Tegmental Area (1312)

fer2017none_VTA (1312)

Whole Brain (5869)

kim2007none_WB (351), mul2006none_WB (5518)