Gene Network Analysis

The network generated by your data contains a node (circle) for each gene symbol that appears in IT-GED. The more IT-GED datasets a gene is found in, the darker the node. If two nodes appear in the same dataset, they are connected by an edge (a line) whose thickness is proportional to the number of datasets the nodes both appear in. In addition, hovering the mouse over an edge will display these datasets.

Abbreviations: Acc: Accumbens, Amy: Amygdala, BA: Basolateral Amygdala, CA: Central Amygdala, Cer: Cerebellum, FC: Frontal Cortex, Hip: Hippocampus, OB: Olfactory Bulb, S/A: Striatum/Accumbens, Str: Striatum, VM: Ventral Midbrain, WB: Whole Brain

Help Example 2

This dataset matches 4 unique IT-GED mouse genes.

- Genes marked with a (*) do not have a HomoloGene ID

- All datasets are included.

Click on a gene to search for it in IT-GED. Click and hold a gene to move it. Resize the network using the handle on the bottom-right.

Visualizer Settings Export Network

Increase this value to increase the spacing between nodes.

Node label color:

Only show genes that share at least different dataset interactions with other genes

Genes that connect to other genes with a greater number of unique connections may be more significant. Details

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Note: The data files still include any genes that were filtered out. To remove them in Cytoscape, apply a filter for the node.numDiffPubs property.

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