Boolean Analysis & Custom Dataset Generation Tool

The gene symbols matching all of the following conditions are listed:

Click on any parameter or value to remove it.

For example, with this option checked, searching for "Brain Region IS NOT Whole Brain" will exclude all IT-GED entries that are found in Whole Brain, even if they are also found in other brain regions (e.g. Aak1 is found in Whole Brain, Cerebellum, and Central Amygdala, so it will show up when the box isn't checked, but won't when it is).

Generate a list of the genes that match all the parameters you select (intersection). Selecting multiple values for the same parameter allows you to create a union. Click on any value or parameter to remove it. A value of 'clear' clears the form. Use your browser's back button to undo a selection.

Select a parameter and value to get started.