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Genes Datasets

Multiple Gene Analysis

Create a custom dataset using your own dataset or favorite genes, then compare this dataset to those in IT-GED or visualize the IT-GED interactions between your genes.

Most-Connected Genes

See the genes that appear in the largest number of IT-GED datasets. The repeated significance of these genes suggests their importance in the brain's genetic response to alcohol.

Reverse Network Analysis

Enter your favorite gene to find all the IT-GED genes that were significantly co-expressed with your gene.

Dataset Network

See how the IT-GED datasets overlap in both table and network form, and add your custom dataset to the analysis.

Boolean Dataset Comparison

Determine the extent of overlap between two IT-GED datasets, and generate the intersection and union datasets of any number of IT-GED datasets.

Custom Dataset Generation

An advanced search tool: combine multiple parameters together to build your own custom IT-GED dataset for use in other analysis tools.