IT-GED is a project of INIA West and the Waggoner Center for Alcohol and Addiction Research at the University of Texas at Austin. The PI is Dr. Igor Ponomarev and primary web development is by Sebastien Weyn.

IT-GED is supported by:

- an NIH, NIAAA grant (P20AA0107838)

- an NIH, NIAAA K award to Igor Ponomarev (AA017234)

- a pilot grant from INIA West (U01AA013517) to help meet the following INIA West goals:

- To identify specific clusters of genes whose expression is regulated by alcohol and which are responsible for any given model of excessive alcohol consumption using gene expression arrays, differential display, mutagenesis directed at specific brain areas, and the development of new informatics tools to analyze and interpret gene expression, cellular circuitry and brain circuitry data with the use of transgenic and knockout approaches.
- To attract new and innovative investigators to the field of alcohol research by recruiting individuals for development of U01 grants and pilot projects and by developing online interactive capacity among INIA scientists and others, and by making the neuroinformatics integrated data sets accessible, searchable and interactive with other databases for all scientists interested in alcoholism research.